Meet Our Team


The Betancourt-Macias Family Scholarship Foundation was founded and is led by two undocumented women of color:


Diana Betancourt macias

Diana is a University of Washington-Seattle Alum and is currently working on her Masters of Education at the University of Washington-Tacoma. She currently works at a higher ed institution, serving underrepresented students and providing them with the resources they need to get to the graduation stage. As a side hustle to fund the scholarships, Diana does speaking engagements, where she shares her lived-experiences as an undocumented community organizer as well as positive messages for empowerment.

Diana's family and friends always keep her grounded and motivated. In her free time, she enjoys meditating, attending community events, but mainly getting involved with community organizing. 

Diana's message to youth of color:

"They will try to silence you. They will try to make you believe you are not capable nor worthy. Just know, they are afraid that one day you will realize how powerful you are and begin to dismantle the systems they built to keep you oppressed."



Ana Betancourt macias

Ana is a single mother currently enrolled at Washington State University-Vancouver, where she studies sociology. Her current jobs include working with youth of color at an after-school program assisting students explore higher education, serving as the Director of Legislative Affairs at WSU-V, and a lead organizer for the Clark County Latino Youth Conference.

Ana is deeply passionate about sharing Xincanx studies with youth. Her future goals include getting her masters in Xincanx studies and later on a PhD to one day be a professor at a community college. 

Ana is mother to a beautiful Brown boy, who keeps her focused on her goals and studies. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, watching the latest Marvel and DC movies with her son, and spending time with her sisters. 

Ana's message to youth of color:

"If you know your history and know where you come from, you will not only know how beautiful you are, but also how powerful you can be."